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Supporting Young Learners

Families play an important role in supporting young children’s learning in early childhood and the early years of schools. These resources provide ideas to engage in learning at home through every day experiences.

Becoming secure strong and independent

Connecting to nature culture and your community

Understanding and using your body and mind

Being involved and confident in learning and play

Learning to work with letters and numbers

Supporting Aboriginal families

This version of the learning outcome cards have been designed for Aboriginal families, with an emphasis on culture, connection and community.

Being proud and strong

Being connected mob Country and community

Learning to eat well be active and stay strong

Being deadly speak up be heard and have a go

Becoming a deadly yarner reader and mathematician

Learning every day and in every way through play

Every day learner cards provide different activities that families can play with their children at home and provide some alternate play experiences to achieve the same learning.

Playing games with others

Learn about your culture as well as others

Moving my body and being active

Learn about numbers and counting

Learn about letters and their sounds

Being SunSmart

At St Johns Park Public School Preschool we aim to create a sun safe environment and influence sun protection behaviours through education and role modelling.

You can be confident that we are implementing an approved Sun Protection Policy that meets all the Quality Areas in the National Quality Framework.

Developmental Milestones

The Developmental Milestones document provides information for families about the milestones children meet at different stages of their early childhood development.

Capabilities at 3-5 years